Buying and owning a Simulator for your business or for yourself is a real pleasure, and brings real pleasure. We can attest to that. However, for those who are not familiar with the industry, it can be overwhelming to ensure that you get everything right. On purchasing one of our simulators, we can offer the following bespoke add-on services:

Arrangement of "door to door" Shipping
Using iPILOT's network of shipping contacts, we can arrange on your behalf the pick-up, drop-off, domestic and international shipments, handling fees and customs duties.


Our technical team is available to install the simulator in your premises. Our teams are professional, trained, and operate in English. The sign off is by a fully trained Commercial Pilot.

Operational & Technical Training
We can provide on site training on how to operate the simulator, both technically and procedurally.


Technical "peace of mind"

When buying from us, you can be sure that our Simulators have been maintained for durability and to commercial standards throughout their history.

For quotes or information on any of these add-on services, please speak to Wolfram during the purchase of your simulator.

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